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Drink Forests is an open book and video blog about creating botanical drinks & edible landscapes for health and wellbeing. It is the beginning of a collaboratively edited encyclopedia to open source all the secrets, both old and new and contribute the widespread revival of plant drinks co-production and fermentation.

It's published by Old Tree, which is a growing collective of brewers, makers and gardeners learning together to innovate ways we can re-localise our food-system. Old Tree run a cafe, brewhouse and event space, as well as an educational ’drink forest’ garden, on the Lewes Road entrance to Brighton, UK.


Called to action by the declining state of our natural world and inspired by the phenomenal variety of life forms we share the planet with… the mission is to open source all ways we can harness the full, (edible and useful) power of biological diversity, both of plants and micro-organisms, to contribute to earth repair, without which there is no hope for the future.

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