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Elderberry Syrup


2 parts ripe Elderberries – 1 part nice sugar Lemons Water Spices Heat


Clean glass bottles Swingtops if you can get them Small sizes work Big pan

This is the hedgrow immunity cordial. We wouldn’t have made it through the winters of prehistory without this fruit.

Catch the Elderberries every year. Bring steps and tools that mean you can reach more. Get baskets and buckets full of ripe elderberries, with freinds to get more. You need alteast 5 kilos to make an economic use of the time – per hour per bottle!

Put the berries in a 15 – 20 litre pan and half fill with water. Stew gently for an hour on a low heat for 30 minutes and then pour into muslin and squeeze the warm juice out into a jug.

Compost the steaming berry pulp and stir in 50 % of its volume as sugar.

Golden, demerara, muscovado – all good.

Stir in while its still hot, juice some lemons, cinamon, cloves, star anise! Simmer up and then bottle, at a minimum temperature of 72 degrees celcius if you wish to store it out of the fridge and last through the winter.

Turn the bottles upside down to make sure the hot (sterilised) cordial covers all the surface of your glass ware. Once opened consume before it goes fizzy, or make it into wine!

Elderberrys used to be known as the grapes of England and make the most excpetional red wine, if aged for 2 years or more.
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