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3.5 kilos of Rhubarb 2.5 of brown sugar 5 litres of spring or filtered water 2 kg of carrots 1 lemon or 4 grams of citric acid if not available


FV, bucket, jar or pan Spoon Sparge bag airlock for secondary fementation

This is made May – August – when the rubarb is at its most prolific.

Boil the carrots in water until tender and then take them out to eat. With the hot liquid, we make the wine.

Now cut the rhubarb small and slice the lemon. You can tie in muslin or nylon mesh bag to save filtering later.

Place a lid on and pour the hot carrot water over and stir the fruit veg and allow to cool. Now pitch a low alcohol wine yeast if you have it, or simply stir every day for ten days to inroduce enough wild yeasts from the air to serve the initial breakdown and release of flavours in the brew.

Now squeeze the rhubarb and remove from the brew. Stir in the sugar and leave to ferment for one week, then rack and allow to settle in cool space over night or two before bottling.

This a recipe by Peggy Hutchinson from her book, Peggy’s Wine Secrets that has helped inspire this project.

"This is a fine rhubarb wine, well loaded with the mineral salts from the carrots"
Peggy Hutchinson

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